WTF?! 6 Body Implants of the Sci-Fi Future Including Kim Kardashian’s Bizarre ‘Alien Necklace’

The art show called A. Human by Kardashian clan friend Simon Huck has gained a popularity worldwide. The last implant made by the artist featured Kim Kardashian’s glowing neck.
Kim Kardashian’s ‘Alien Neck Implant’
Kim Kardashian showed off that she has had a glowing necklace implanted beneath her skin. She revealed in her last Stories, showing that it glows when she talks, which is pretty much terrific. Probably, it’s not an under-the-skin implant as Kim Kardashian wouldn’t go that crazy. But, who knows…

Chrissy Teigen’s skin feathers 

Simon Huck invited not only Kim Kardashian to promote his crazy implants – Chrissy Teigen showed a set of skin feathers growing from her chest, resembling some kind of Devil May Cry character.
Fortunately, this one also seems fake, and Teigen will be to get rid of that.

Tan France and The Tudor 

Queer Eye star Tan France appeared on the pic with so-called The Tudor, which is a living piece of skin with bioreactive crystals.
“When you think of the future, you think dark, dystopian—there are all these images that come to mind. I didn’t want to create a utopian world, but I definitely wanted to create a world that was optimistic or, at the bare minimum, neutral,” Simon Huck told Vogue. “We wanted to use the future of fashion and the future of self-expression as a way to look at the future. That is how the ethos of A. Human formed.”

Andreja Pejic and horn-sculpted shoulders

The winner of the show is a transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic, who appeared to have the horn-sculpted shoulders “The Pinnacle”. This piece of art was done not by Simon Huck alone, but in a collaboration with designer Nicola Formichetti – a Lady Gaga’s former creative director.
“Fashion is more than the clothes you wear, it’s also the choices you make about your body and how you present yourself,” says Formichetti, “I like pushing the boundaries of what can be considered fashion and finding the edge of self-expression. My inspiration was a lot of imagery drawn from sci-fi and fantasy drawings of things that aren’t quite human. Aliens and robots are disquieting because they look humanoid but the details and proportions are different.”

The Nautilus Biological Heel

For $40 you can see the exhibition of futuristic human body parts and innovations in bioreactive items.

Semi-human body

Most of his creation Simon does to make people talk about it, “Yes, sharable content is important, but there is also a desire to go to something that makes you ask questions when you go out the door,” he says.