People Are Completely Divided Over Whether Peanut Butter Is An Appropriate Hot Dog Topping

Hot dogs are a quintessential American food. You can find them at every summer barbecue, every Fourth of July cookout, and plenty of kids’ birthday parties.
Almost everyone uses the same few condiments on their hot dogs: ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions.
Some people like to get a little more creative with their hot dogs, adding chili, cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and other toppings.
People everywhere love hot dogs, even American icon Betty White, who says they’re the secret to long life (along with vodka).
Most of us can agree that the toppings I listed above are pretty widely accepted. There’s one topping that has the internet divided, though: peanut butter.
Yes, that’s right, peanut butter on hot dogs!
Apparently there are a good number of individuals who are big fans of peanut butter hot dogs; of course, there are also people who are disgusted by the concept.
Would you eat a peanut butter hot dog?
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People absolutely love hot dogs; they’re savory and delicious.
Recently, artisan hot dogs have become a big trend.

Now, people are covering their hot dogs in guacamole, bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, and more.
There’s an artisan hot dog option for everyone, but some people have taken things a step further.

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People usually opt for savory toppings on their hot dogs, like onions and cheese.
Some people have chosen to go a salty route and add peanut butter to their hot dogs, though.
Apparently some people are huge fans of the seemingly strange combination! “Agree! I had one at JJ’s 3 years ago,” one guy wrote of peanut butter hot dogs. “It’s the only way now. With bacon and honey!”
When BB Classic Dogs tweeted this, someone replied, “People actually buy this?!”
BB Classic Dogs responded, “They do and they like it – the banana threw them for a loop, so it took some twisting of arms to try it – but hey if Elvis can eat it, why can’t we put it on a hot dog :-)”
Most people pair peanut butter with sweet toppings on their hot dogs, but some people really go all out and use ketchup and mayo as well!

Of course, for as many people who are excited about peanut butter hot dogs, there are also a lot of individuals who think it sounds disgusting.
One woman wrote, “Now you’re just making sh*t up, are there really people out there that put peanut butter on hot dogs?!”
The debate about whether peanut butter is a good topping for hot dogs can get pretty heated!
“Let me just vomit real quick brb,” wrote one guy.

Have you ever eaten a hot dog with peanut butter on it? Would you try it if the opportunity came up?

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