YouTube Star Logan Paul Gained Nearly 100K Followers After Suicide Video

In the days since YouTube star Logan Paul faced outrage after posting a video mocking a suicide victim, he has actually gained subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The controversy, which generated enormous backlash, grew his channel by more than 80,000 subscribers in just a week.  

Paul transferred the video on December 31st demonstrating a man who had as of late hung himself with the title "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest… ."

In the video he films close ups of the man's body and hands. Around 48 hours in the wake of posting the video Paul expelled it and issued his first expression of remorse in which he included emoticon and a hashtag.

Top stars in the YouTube community condemned Paul's behavior.

“I’m truly sickened by this logan paul situation. i lost my brother to suicide... my brother took his own life by hanging himself... how insensitive and sick can you be to film someone in that state,” said YouTuber Corinna Kopf

"Dear Logan Paul, How challenge you! You sicken me. I can hardly imagine how such a significant number of youngsters admire you," on-screen character Aaron Paul (no connection) tweeted. "So tragic. Ideally this most recent video woke them up. You are unadulterated waste. Plain and straightforward. Suicide isn't a joke. Go decay in damnation."

“Dear Logan Paul, How dare you! You disgust me. I can’t believe that so many young people look up to you,” actor Aaron Paul (no relation) tweeted. “So sad. Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Plain and simple. Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell.” 

Others pointed to the fact that Paul is regularly offensive and borderline racist on his channel.  

All through his current outing in Japan Paul posted recordings circling wearing a conventional Japanese rice cap and robe, holding his hands in a ridicule supplication position at that point tosses Poké Balls at Japanese individuals yelling “I choose you.” 

He also destroyed a Game Boy Color at a store then declared that it was “much-o broken-o" and referred to Tokyo as a “real live cartoon.”

Japanese YouTuber Reina Scully took a stand in opposition to Paul's hostile conduct saying that it was unsuitable to treat individuals like "caricatures." She said Paul's substance was "disturbing in the most noticeably awful of ways."

Paul has had a history of posting racist comments to Twitter as well. In 2012 he tweeted, “Watermelon makes your penis bigger ― black men. Soy increases the estrogen in your body, decreasing penis size ― asians."

On January second Paul posted another statement of regret, this time in video shape. He likewise reported that he would enjoy a reprieve from vlogging.

A petition to remove Logan Paul from YouTube that has been circulating last week has nearly 300,000 supporters. Unfortunately, that pales in comparison to Paul's over 15 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Show fills sees on YouTube and the debate is probably not going to cause Paul any long haul harm. More than halfway Paul profits is by running promotions on his recordings which create a great many perspectives from his fans, and pitching stock to his committed supporters.

YouTube is additionally far-fetched to rebuff him in any long haul way since it has a personal stake on keeping him, and his crowd of millions, on the stage.

As YouTuber Philip DeFranco said on Twitter, “Just remember this… His core audience doesn’t give a fuuuuuuck. Unless youtube does something, this doesn’t hurt him.”