What These Two Nurses Did With Babies For Snapchat Fame Is Totally Uncalled For

Nurses, especially those who work with babies, are expected to provide the best care possible for their patients -- something these women definitely didn't do.

Allyson Thompson, a corpsman positioned at the Naval Hospital of Jacksonville in Florida, lost her activity back in September when screenshots of photographs she'd shared on Snapchat advanced onto Facebook. Individuals who saw them communicated their shock to the doctor's facility and news stations alike, and it's not hard to perceive any reason why.

One photograph demonstrates her flipping off a newborn child in her care, joined by the inscription, "How I at present feel about these smaller than usual Satans."

In another, she holds a child up by the arms and seems to influence the newborn child to move. Joanie Barrett, another corpsman at the healing facility, had purportedly partaken in these photographs too.

In light of the occurrence,  the hospital stated the "staff individuals have been expelled from quiet care and they will be taken care of by the legitimate framework and military equity." More on this story beneath.

It might have some good times and amusements for these women, however I'm certain the guardians didn't feel the same. Was their lead totally wrong, as well as utilizing a little infant as a manikin could have extremely harmed the youngster.