Tragic Video Will Make You Take A Hard Look At Your Contribution To Global Warming

In spite of the disturbing number of individuals who have denied environmental change, including the U.S. president, there's a lot of confirmation to demonstrate that it's happening, as well as that we're the ones causing it.
Worldwide temperatures are rising, contracting ice sheets, influencing ice sheets to withdraw, and taking without end creatures' normal living spaces. National geographic picture taker Paul Nicklen turned into the lamentable observer to the overwhelming impacts an unnatural weather change has on Earth's animals when he ran over a starving polar bear amid a campaign in the Baffin Islands.
Seals are the fundamental staple of a polar bear's eating regimen, however with ocean ice softening, they're significantly more hard to get a hold of. This anorexic bear likely passed on of starvation soon after being taped.

Without food, polar bears wander into human settlements, seeking it out.
Feeding polar bears is illegal, so there isn't much Nicklen or anyone else could have done to save it.
Watch the heartbreaking footage below.

We might be the most savvy creatures on this planet, but on the other hand we're the most dangerous. If it's not too much trouble share this video with everybody you know so they can see with their own eyes precisely what environmental change resembles.