Mom Who Gave Birth To 1-Pound Son 15 Weeks Before Due Date Says Her Baby Is ‘Thriving’

Minnesota mother Jenny Borgstrom never anticipated that would get pregnant. She and her significant other had striven for a considerable length of time however she didn't figure she would have the capacity to have kids. 

They had begun examining the choice of receiving, when she understood she was pregnant with her child Winston subsequent to counseling seven pregnancy tests. 

"It was really extraordinary from the begin," said Jenny's mom Jeanne.

Jenny would soon discover that her baby was a “miracle” in more courses than one. Jenny wasn't anticipating that Winston should start with and surely didn't figure he would come 15 weeks early. Be that as it may, he did and Winston was conceived weighing a little more than 1 lb.

At a certain point, he wasn't doing as such well. He even must be revived around three times. Be that as it may, in the wake of spending the most recent month at the St. Cloud Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Winston is getting more grounded. 

"Presently he's beginning to pivot," Winston's dad, Tom Rochat, told St. Cloud Times. "It's influenced me to feel significantly more cheerful. Consistently that he's alive, his chances are better of surviving."

His family says their mantra has kept them solid amid this time: "Winston and Jenny are flourishing." 

Jenny needed to impart Winston's story to St. Cloud Times out of appreciation for Prematurity Awareness Month that looks to sparkle a light on the 1 out of 10 babies who were conceived right on time in 2016.

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